Ocean Beach


Located roughly 8 minutes or so from my apartment is Ocean Beach, or “OB” to native San Diegans. Each beach in San Diego has it’s own personality and OB definitely attracts more of an eclectic crowd. Walking up to the beach from the stores on Newport Ave, the lawn in front of the beach always has a variety of characters. On any given day, there will be acro yoga enthusiasts, homeless youth and local artists displaying their work, hoping one of the tourists will buy a painting or two. So far I’ve only ventured to one other beach (Coronado), so I can’t fairly compare this beach to others. I do plan to visit the other local beaches around here but right now, this is the one I stick to the most because of it’s convenient location. All day, every day, surfers are stacked in between waves next to the pier, volleyball games are in full swing, and little ones are dotted along the shore.


One of my favorite things to do here is just to wade out into the water, chest deep and jump into the waves. Every time I’ve done that, there’s always at least 3-4 people on either side of me doing the exact same thing. Laughing while trying to keep their head above water. Those moments are some of my favorite. It’s kind of humbling to see how much of an equalizer the ocean is, if only for a second. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, what your skin color is, or how much you weigh. When that wave hits you, it doesn’t care or consider any of those things, it’s knocking you right off your feet.


Another great place about OB is THE DOG BEACH. Honestly, I think that heaven is probably a mirror image of OB Dog Beach. Every kind of dog, every size of dog, just splashing around with ears flapping, tails wagging and “grinning” ear to ear. When I first moved out here and was really homesick bored, I would go and sit at dog beach for a while and just watch the dogs have the absolute best time of their lives. You have to be a seriously heartless mofo for that to not make you smile.

If you ever do visit San Diego, I highly recommend making a stop at Ocean Beach! There’s tons of cool restaurants on Newport Ave (post coming soon!) and fun little shops to stop into.

(Just don’t get your hopes up when it comes to finding a decent parking spot.)

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  1. I live in San Francisco so swimming in the ocean is impossible here. But I’m excited to go to Hawaii next month. I’ll be doing a lot of jumping in the water and chasing the waves. Your pictures got me even more excited!


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com

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