Hiking At Los Pensaquitos


I recently went hiking with my friend Yasmine at Los Pensaquitos Canyon Reserve and this is what I would call a work out and then some. I’m still fairly new to hiking so there was a lot of panting. And sweating. And complaining. But I will say the views are totally worth the awkward wobble walk the next day.

This hike is pretty flat and shaded for the most part (YAAASSS). The trails are clearly marked and have signs along the way to guide you towards the waterfall and final destination. It’s open to bikers, runners, dogs (on a leash!), and even horses.


The entire hike took us a little over two hours and totaled about 6.1 miles round trip. Yasmine and I had plans to go to a fire show/yoga flow later that evening but I had to back out due to the fact that, ya know, I couldn’t move. No joke, I cat-napped for a half hour and when I tried to get up my limbs were like noodles.

I will say I was a little disappointed with the false advertising of a “waterfall” as I expected this giant, gushing fountain of water blasting everywhere and then it was this (as pictured above). A trickle of water through a few tight spaces. I mean, I guess there is water falling so it makes sense. But I’m still considering writing a very strongly worded letter to the parks department about this.

All kidding aside, I did enjoy the scenery and would recommend this trail to hikers of all levels. But be sure to bring water and wear comfortable shoes (or hiking boots). Blisters from hell – 1, Jhana – 0.

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