Holiday Party Outfit Ideas With Style Lend

Any twenty-something woman knows… finding an outfit for a holiday party is stressful.

How much leg is too much leg?

To show the shoulders or not?

Can I bend over in this without flashing everyone and their grandma?

Add in spending money on an outfit you will wear once (let’s be real, once it’s on the ‘gram, you can’t wear it again) and it’s an even bigger headache. In the past, I have heard of rental services for special occasion dresses but never took the plunge. Recently, Style Lend was brought to my attention and I was pretty impressed. The process goes a little bit like this:


Super easy, super fast, and so many cute options. Here are a few of my party picks:


If you’re stressing about what to wear to your next big event, I highly suggest checking out Style Lend. They were even cool enough to offer a coupon code for you guys for $20 off your first rental with the code WELCOME20.

Happy shopping renting!

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