KAABOO Del Mar 2016


KAABOO Del Mar is a 3 day music and arts festival that is a recent addition to San Diego. This was the second year of it and featured a lot of great acts and artists. There were the options to purchase a 3 day wristband, a one-day pass or some crazy VIP package. I chose the one-day pass for Saturday because it had the best line-up (in my humble opinion).

The doors opened at 11:30 am but we headed in a little after 2 pm to find a spot for Gin Blossoms. I thought entering went pretty smoothly. I will say it was kind of weird that they had this long list of prohibited items and then the guy didn’t even look twice at my bag (FYI this is not me encouraging you to bring in sketchy stuff next year). All in all, I had a great time and wish I wasn’t a grandma who tired out by 10 pm.

 This was the 2016 line-up:


Chainsmokers? YES. Steve Aoki? YES. Aerosmith. YES…. THIRD EYE BLIND – UH DUH! On the way there (because I missed my train as I am late for everything), my Lyft driver played “How’s It Gonna Be” for me after we both discovered our mutual love for the song and it led to a few quiet moments in deep thought. Who am I kidding, you know the only deep thoughts I had in that car were about the breakfast burrito I ate hours before.

Here were a few of my likes and dislikes:


+ Clean: I was surprised about how organized the layout was and how clean the walkway/stage areas were. Usually it’s cigarette butts and empty drink containers covering the ground but not the case here. Also, the bathrooms were actually tolerable. They were the little trailers with multiple stalls, a mirror and a working sink. Definitely made waiting in line not as bad.

+ Charging Stations: These need to be everywhere at festivals and in real life. I was trying so hard to be careful about wasting my battery, but of course by 7pm I was down to 8%. (Since the iPhone 7 was announced, my 6S has been acting up. Coincidence? I think not.) They had a few of these little stations spotted around the venue, with chargers and outlets available.

+ Art Exhibits: I only was able to briefly walk through one of the buildings (which I’m a little sad about) but from what I saw, it was amazing! If I go again next year, I definitely plan to spend more time browsing.


+ No Exit Aisles: Unfortunately, this really ruined Chainsmokers for me. No matter where I moved, there were people from the front coming back from every side to get out because “it was too hot” up there. Really? I never would have guessed that with people crammed together under bright stage lights that it would get hot. Hmm, weird. And these were not regular people, I’m talking about guys the size of King Kong or girls with elbows like popsicle sticks. It was hard to get into it when it was just a constant parade of people jabbing you as they walk by saying “I’m so so sorry.” NO YOU WEREN’T SORRY BECAUSE IF YOU WERE SORRY YOU WOULDN’T BE DOING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE AND THEREFORE WOULDN’T HAVE A REASON TO BE SORRY. Whew. Okay. I was holding that in for a while.

+ Scheduling: Whoever scheduled Aerosmith and Chainsmokers at the EXACT SAME TIME and at the two stages farthest away from each other should be fired.

+ Food/Drink Prices: A slice of pizza was $8. A BBQ Chicken sandwich was $15. For that amount of money, that chicken sandwich better wash my car, clean my room, and fulfill every chicken sandwich fantasy I’ve ever had in my adult life.


I’m on the fence about going next year. While I did have a lot of fun, it will mostly come down to what performers they get, along with how well they schedule them.

Comment below who your favorite performers were if you made it to KAABOO!



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