My First Christmas Away From Home

Not going to lie, I’m not excited to be away from home for the holidays. Christmas also happens to be my dog brother’s birthday and I feel like a huge butthead missing it. (I’m a crazy dog lady, whatever) Thankfully though, I won’t be totally alone and plan on spending it with a few friends. To ensure I won’t have a meltdown/pity party that day, I plan to:

Go for a run on the beach

Enjoy breakfast on the beach

Stay off social media (Because I’ll ugly cry)

FaceTime with my mom and dog brother

Watch Love Actually with a giant glass of wine

Have dinner with friends and be thankful for all of the good things in my life

Moving this far away was my choice and something I needed to experience in order to avoid any future regrets. This is a really short post but a pretty honest one if I do say so myself. I was lucky enough to head home for Thanksgiving and spend time with friends and family then. Some people don’t even get to do that at all. So it’s time for me to quit my wining, grab a glass of wine, and do a little cheers to a wonderful 6 months on the West Coast.

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