Sunday Yoga MeetUp In Balboa Park

Even before I moved across the country, I’ve always been a firm believer of how you spend your Sunday will set the tone for the week. While I will admit I can rarely turn down for what a Sunday Funday with bottomless mimosas, I usually like to have my Sundays set aside as a time for a little rest and relaxation.

When I first moved here, I joined a number of groups on MeetUp that I thought would help to keep me from crying in my room alone, with a large cheese pizza eating my feelings  busy and meet new people. For anyone moving to a new city, I HIGHLY suggest this website. From bookworms to Crossfit junkies, there are tons of groups to fit even the most specific interests. I came across the Sunday Yoga in Balboa Park group during my first week here and have been going as often as I can in the past three months. Set in the middle of the 1,200 acres that make up this urban park in San Diego, this MeetUp group is probably one of the most popular I’ve gone to. Each week, there is guaranteed to be at least 35+ attendees, spread out in a circle, facing the center and each other. I will say this is the most challenging yoga class I have taken since moving to the West Coast. Ab work is always a huge focus of the class and it always makes me regret my weekly In-N-Out binge. But only for a second and not enough to actually stop eating animal style fries.


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The class is led by a trained instructor, along with a guitarist who strolls around, strumming a variety of melodies throughout the hour long class. No joke, one class he was singing the words “Get Up” over and over and I immediately stood up to roll my mat. (Turns out, those were just the lyrics of the song *nervous giggle*). This meet up is donation based so feel free to give as little or as much as you can.

This weekend, I FINALLY made it to a class after missing a few weeks and boy, OH BOY did I feel it. Afterwards, I headed to OB (Ocean Beach) for a quick dip in the (freezing cold!) ocean and a little snooze in the sand. I’m seriously considering making morning yoga and a trip to the beach my new Sunday Funday routine. But obviously with a mimosa or two in there to keep me sane.

Have a cool routine already in motion for your Sunday Funday? Leave it down below!



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